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About Me

I like originality and unique pieces.

searching for beautiful fabrics, drawing the right patterns, mixing and matching colors and prints is a passion

fashion and creativity is a guideline through my life

la vie de Sofie stands for piece unique and limited editions

I work with different materials and structures

mix&match and bright colors is a must

this is my DNA that I also stay true to.

No mass production, no overloading of the same pieces. I do everything by myself and by hand

finding the right fabrics, ordering yarn, drawing patterns, sewing, marketing, financial aspect, contact person etc ...

That is why I work with limited editions and unique pieces.

I like to be dressed in an original way and I like expressive items


La vie de Sofie ... c'est moi!

My name is Sofie Taels and I come from a very creative family

La vie de Sofie was founded in 2011 to combat frustration in traffic jams on the way to Brussels.

I started to crochet which started with patchwork children's blankets,

grew into knitwear such as scarves, gilettes, sweaters,...


Through the first lockdown 2020 I started a clothing collection.

Bertha & Wilma dress are born...

This has been the beginning for me to continue with this 


I want to stay true to my concept

small scale, handmade and above all staying true to myself ...

only creating what I stand behind and not being tempted by commercial styles.

Everything made with passion and love

LVDS Store

Groenenborgerlaan 224

2610 Wilrijk

Store Open :

wo-Do-vr    12-17u

   za   11-17u


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